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Galapagos Coffee Adriano Cabrera Ecuadorian Arabiga coffee roasted grain

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Adriano Cabrera Coffee is grown in the Galapagos Islands, it has many benefits due to a large percentage of the year.

Influenced by the Humboldt current are cold sea currents that help us maintain the ideal temperature for the development of coffee plants without needing height.

This quality is special when producing coffee in Galapagos Islands providing unique flavors and textures.

Natural process coffee

This is an artisanal process where the drying of cherry coffee in the sun for an approximate period of 5 days. This process is carried out directly with its bark, once dried it can be pulped and the green grain takes yellowish tones due to the pulp honey.

This process is friendly to the environment because it doesnu00b4t use an excess of water, it seeks to keep the process as natural so that coffee has different flavors for its process.