Let's talk about how to properly feed milk kefir grains.

Let's talk about how to properly feed milk kefir grains.

Nourish your kefir grains generously, for they thrive on a diet rich in nourishment. Just as a gourmet meal is to us, so is the feed to these tiny microbial communities.

In the realm of milk kefir, the lactose within the milk serves as their sustenance, while in the domain of water kefir, a sprinkle of sugar awakens their appetite. The balance between the grains and their feed is a delicate dance, a harmony essential for their well-being.

But beware, for neglecting their nutritional needs may lead to starvation. Prolonged periods of insufficient nourishment can stunt their growth, leaving them frail and weakened.

Maintaining the proper ratio of grains to sugar-water or milk is paramount. Too much of one or too little of the other can disrupt the equilibrium, resulting in sluggish fermentation or, worse yet, spoilage.

Should you find your grains yearning for more, fear not. A sprinkle of powdered milk can reignite their vigor, infusing them with the vital lactose they crave.

Enhance their feast with a sprinkle of minerals—drops of liquid nourishment, a touch of rapadura sugar, or the sweetness of raisins and figs. Alternatively, augment the lactose content with a dash of powdered milk, ensuring a banquet fit for kings within your fermenting vessel.

In the realm of kefir, as in life, nourishment is the key to vitality. Feed your grains well, and they shall reward you with the elixir of health and flavor.

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