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American Barrel Aged in a Bottle Oak Infusion Spiral. Barrel Age Your Whiskey

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Barrel Aged Flavor. One bottle at a time. Oak barrels have long been essential for aging premium wine, beer, spirits, vinegar - even hot Sauce. Now, the ability to achieve similar results directly in the bottle - adding elements of Flavor, color, aroma and complexity - is made possible with The Spirit Of The Forest Oak infusion spirals from the barrel mill. It's a new twist on a centuries-old tradition. Directions: from spirits to beer to cocktails. Simply add one infusion spiral stick to a standard bottle of whiskey, rum, tequila or unaged white whiskey ("moonshine") - or when bottling your homebrew Bomber or Growler of Ipa, stout or porter. You will notice a color change within days and can begin sampling after a week to determine preferred effect. Flavor will be completely extracted at two weeks.
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Made in USA, Add barrel aged and cask elements of flavor, color, aroma and complexity directly in the bottle, Get the top shelf taste of years of barrel aging in two weeks or less, make cheap whisky taste good, Age and customize your own whiskey, beer, spirit or liquor. Great for white whisky, moonshine, rum, tequila, gin, and cocktails, Spiral fits in any 750 ml bottle. A DIY, do it yourself, whiskey ageing Kit without a large expensive barrel or cask

🥃 AMERICAN MEDIUM PLUS TOAST: 5/8"X2.5" charred American oak infusion spiral Adds oak flavor, aroma, color, complexities to any .🍾750L bottle of spirits, cocktails, beer etc orignal infusion spiral
🌳 THE SPIRIT OF THE FOREST: Oak spirals from the barrel mill. It's a centuries-old tradition. Add one infusion spiral stick to a bottle of whiskey, rum, tequila unaged white whiskey ("moonshine")
😋TIMELINE Takes 6 weeks to fully extract flavor. Take spiral out than 6 weeks for a milder taste and lighter color. Spirals easily snapped into smaller pieces to make oak flavor less intense.
🌱THE SPIRIT OF THE FOREST: The American oak medium toast spiral charred oak Increased surface area for quick flavor transfer just put the oak spirals inside the bottle, bottling your homebrew Bomber
🍷 FOR WINE Many winemakers will say that great wine is really made in the vineyard. Their job is simple: do no harm and let the grapes work their wonder. But the winemaker's role deserves more credit than just serving as a sort of chaperone for the grapes. Decisions are made almost daily along the wine processing continuum and it is the winemaker who navigates the journey that leads to greatness.