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The Spirit Of the Forest

Kantu by The Spirit Of The Forest Coffee Roasted Whole Grown and roasted at 7.000 High Altitude Bean Premium Blend Washed Pisque Ecuador by Arnaud Causse Ecuadorian 4 Variety blended

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We’re excited to offer this delicious coffee from Ecuador, a country that is dear to our hearts but where quality coffee is challenging to grow and export. Las Tolas Estate is located on the outskirts of Tulipe de Pichincha, outside of the traditional coffee growing areas but in a spot that is perfect for the trees. Very high altitude (7000+ Ft) with less cloud cover than most areas around it.


* Produced by Arnaud Causse who has coffee is his blood. Originally from France, in his late teens he went to work on a  Robusta farm in Gabon (Africa), has worked in coffee ever since bopping around in Africa and Central America until finally settling into a beautiful area of Ecuador.

 Tasting Notes: Similar to the Pacamara but a bit mellower and more gentle of a cup. Lighter roasts have a little hint of acidity upfront, nice crisp citric and floral tone, not too strong to scare most away. Balanced with a smooth and nutty chocolaty factor. Closer to 2nd crack and the cup gets a little thicker but retains is nice and smooth body, very low acidity and a nice sweet edge to it. Great everyday drinker. 

Cup Attributes : Strawberry, blackberry, honey aroma. Pear, chocolate, lemon, strawberry, tangerine flavors. Citric acidity, round body. Long finish, caramel, pomelo and pear notes. Score 86-87.

4 SPECIAL BLEND: Pacamara, Bourbon, Java, Sidra


Roasting Notes:  Great prep and easy to roast. Tasty before 2nd crack, from light to a strong medium roast; clean with great balance. Darker roasts turned a little plain, not hefty enough cup to retain into the darker roasts.