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The Spirit Of The Forest

Oak Chips For Homebrew Wine Beer Spirit 4oz French Medium Toast Free Delivery ❤

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Oak Chips For Homebrew Wine Beer Spirit 8oz French Medium Toast Free Delivery ❤

Brand: The Spirit Of The Forest Condition: New

LD Carlson Oak Chips for Homebrew Wine, Spirits, Beer 2 Bag Of 4 oz French Medium Toasted Free Fast Delivery USA ❤

French Toast chips impart sweet, woody, spice, clove and dry flavors.

Using oak chips is an easy way to add oak flavor and aroma to beer, wine or distilled spirits. The large surface area of chips imparts the oak flavor rather quickly and it is advised to check often until you detect the oak flavor you desire. It is generally a good idea to let the oak flavor develop a little longer as the flavor drops out over time.


Use approximately 2 - 4 oz for 5 gallons of wine, beer and distilled spirits

Sanitation can be accomplished by either soaking in a neutral vodka for 24 hours or boiling in water for 15 minutes. Soaking in Bourbon is a popular method as it can impart the bourbon flavors into beer. Pouring the entire contents of whichever method you use into the secondary is optional.

Adding to the secondary is the preferred method though adding to the primary is acceptable.

Placing the chips in a muslin or nylon bag and adding to beer or wine is advised as it makes it easier for removal after aging.

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