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The Spirit of the Forest

Original Water Live Kefir Grains w/ Activator Booster from The Spirit of The Forest

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Water Kefir grains are soft and gelatinous “grains” from a cactus plant. This is what water kefir grains look like. They grow and multiply when healthy and fed. They are thought to originate from Mexico where they thrived in the sugary water of the Ountia (prickly pear) cactus. Water kefir grains are not really grains but rather a group of yeast and bonded by a polysaccharide known as dextran. This cluster resembles crystals. By using sugar, the yeast and b*cteria in the grain, form clusters and produce carbon dioxide, small amounts of ethanol as well as lactic acid. Highest Quality Cultures We take great care in how we produce your cultures. All of our products are lab tested. Freshest Probiotics Making your cultured foods at home results in more live probiotics than store-bought. Enjoy the Benefits Experience the health benefits of food made with our ingredients. You’ll be drinking your own kefir water within 48hrs VEGAN, GLUTEN-FREE, AND CAFFEINE-FREE: Using only the highest quality ingredients, HAPPY GUT water kefir grains are made up of organic sugar, are vegan, gluten-free, and caffeine free leaving your gut happy and healthy. Have an enjoyable water kefir experience!