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The Spirit of the Forest

Piedra Negra High Altitude Coffee 12 oz Gourmet Medium Roasted Organic - Loja Zaruma Ecuador

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Blend of the finest high altitude coffees from the beautiful mountains of Ecuador, grown in the southern part of the country, in the provinces of Loja and Zamora. This 100% Arabica coffee presents a clean cup, with marked acidity, an excellent creamy body and an aroma that will take your breath away. You will find citrus notes and the sweetness of honey. You will fall in love with this coffee from the first cup! 

We invite you to enjoy this delicious selection of the finest Arabica coffee beans of Ecuador. Its sweet caramel notes  combined with a light and refreshing acidity make for an exquisite coffee experience. 

“Our coffee comes from the best Arabica coffee plantations in the country. The specific conditions under which plants grow our coffee, the special care taken in the selection of beans and correct processing of these guarantee the excellent quality of our coffee.”